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Lucifer Party

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lucifer notorious smalls

Notorious Smalls, who will be playing at the Bain Mathieu with us May 15th (event here), is also gonna be spinning at the Jupiter for the next 3 Saturdays, starting from May 9th. It’s most definitly gonna be an awesome place to have good time electro-style when it’s Saturday… cause we all know there usually ain’t that many electro parties going on on Saturdays. Enjoy!

RSVP HERE (facebook)

EDIT: Marco Henriques (I think his dj name is still “La Petite Portugaise“) will be opening!

only $5!


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Woah, what a nice bunch of guests we have here! Two Man Army, The Sonixx, Notorious Smalls! This is gonna be awesome, people.

16+, bar with alcohol for the 18+

We encourage you to come wearing bikini tops (girls only… please) and swimming suits (we’ll be dressed like that!) but you don’t have to!

RSVP HERE on facebook!