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Facebook Prospereteh + DasPopness

Posted in Das Pop with tags , , , on June 17, 2009 by Gaultier Paré

I keep rereading the title I just gave to this post… it sounds funny… I like it, lol.

Picture 2

If you would like to contribute to our facebook prospereteh. then it’s right this way.

This post is about how I feel: grateful. I never thought our events would draw so much attention that fast. Thank you so much for your support, attention, love and hate. Thanks to the Underworld-Shop and it’s people for everything, too.

I’ve been waiting for this day when I’d be in the mood for posting this track from Das Pop. “I’m just a fool for love”, damn right… lol. In love, there is no defeat or victory. When you’re stuck at some point and you finally realize that’s it’s time to give up, then give up and march forward. It’s part of the fact that everytime you fall, you stand back up with new experience that will help prevent further falls. If you can’t live by that rule, you’re totally fucked! (debate opened, woot!)

So yeah huh, life lessons from WGB‘s most grateful poster (I’m totally more grateful than the others, okay!?) XD

I’ll get some tracks for you to download soon.

Take care!