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Steve Aoki – I’m In The House EP released!!

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Im in the house ep

Oh Yeshhhh! It is out and I bought it. Came with a bunch of remixes but the best one is by far the Gigi Barocco one. So there you go: Original Mix + Gigi Barocco remix, both in low bitrate (don’t wanna get in trouble, do I)



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Well well! Mr. Aoki‘s first single, featuring lyrics from Zuper Blahq. Like the name says: it’s very housy. The kind of dance track that will fit many kinds of dancefloors. Well, at least I know it fits my kind of dancefloor!

The video really fits the little “DIM MAK” thematic. Well done!

John Roman

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warp it down

Quite talented guy, this John Roman!

Look for his stuff through the Hype Machine here.

+ two tracks: an amazing mashup and a track of his remixed by Barletta.

News from The Twelves // Steve Aoki

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Sup, ça faisait longtemps j’avais rien posté donc je reviens en force avec 2 tracks dont une qui me fait vraiment tripper dans le style retro remix.

Je vous avais déjà parlé de The Twelves, un groupe qui m’accroche de plus en plus pour leur remix monstrueux. Ces mecs nous on fait cadeau d’un remix d’une tune des années 80 du fameux band A-AH qui déchire grave pour les nostalgiques des hits disco comme moi.

Steve Aoki a remixé la tune Gifted de N.A.S.A. J’ai rien à dire la dessus, le nom Aoki parle de lui même.. Enjoy!

WARP – Remixes / Edits + Exclusive?

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The BBR + Steve Aoki @ SAT, Montréal. Photos by Alex Mof. Full Album Here (facebook)

bbr sataoki sat

It’s been a few weeks since Warp is out already and there’s been many remixes and edits. Some of them I liked, some of them I disliked. Of course you can see/download them all using the hype machine but here are the ones that caught my attention the most. All in 320kbps!

+ Remix from our super duper homie The Sonixx that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet, and this remix really is one of my favorites!

++ Second track of the Warp EP. It’s pretty nice mixed before and/or after the actual Warp 1.9 track.

+++ EDIT: Mof likes the Teen Wolf Remix but I don’t. You be the jude!

The Bloody Beetroots Myspace Page

Steve Aoki Myspace Page

Aoki + BBR

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I’ve been waiting for this track for quite a while now. Warp!

I think it’s some good beat, it’s gonna have the same trashy effect “Cornelius” had on the dancefloor.

Dim mak records will be in Montreal April 4 (The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki) @ S.A.T. Attend, because this is gonna be some sick show.