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Fake Blood at the foufs

Posted in Blogging, fake blood, Little Boots with tags , , , on June 20, 2009 by Gaultier Paré


And I thought I was a good deejay. Thanks to amazing deejays like Fake Blood, my feet are brought back to earth from time to time, degrading me from “good dj” to “okay anonymous local dj”. This guy is crazy, playing between his 2 cdjs and 2 timecoded vinyls. Like Kid Legit told me earlier tonight, Fake Blood‘s arrogance is backed up by his incredible skills on the tables, so it’s okay if he’s arrogant.

He did the little “mind dimension super duper cue spamming mashup” that Cherry Cola showed me a few weeks ago. It was pristine, though it makes me fear that his DJ sets are just the same shit from one town to another, wich would be a little sad.

So it was a great fucking night. Here’s two cheap iphone pictures of the man behind the name and one of his first hits.

Have a nice weekend! As for myself, I’m back to my daily bedroom mixing practices with a little more motivation than usual, hoping to someday become really really awesome and even more arrogant than Fake Blood.