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Dallas Green got married!?

Posted in Lazy Jay, Love Thy Brother, Queen with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 5, 2009 by Gaultier Paré

dallas wife

My ex girlfriend and I used to have arguments all the time about whether Dallas was gay or not. I thought he was.

However, he’s my all-time favorite male singer! Wow, they look so happy!

and now, on to totally unrelated stuff (the usual, haha)

I discovered this beat in Fake Blood‘s essential mix. It’s a nice horn style house bass playing on a sickass drumline. It’s from Lazy Jay and it’s called “Float My Boat”. I bought his tracks on Beatport… really, really worth it.

The ravelicious break (you have to listen to the beat for a while to hear it) is what made me fall in love with this track.

+ Bonus <3<3<3