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uw circa shoes

Here, this fine picture of the Underworld/Circa shoes is just to remind you that WGB will be @ Underworld Live this very Friday June 5 to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Underworld-Shop. We also will do the opening set for Dj Arock, and right after, get really wasted. See you there ^^ 18+

Here are some of my favorite discoveries from the past two weeks.

First of all, this remix of TEPR. The man did a major part in bringing electro dance (also known at tektonik) to the world’s attention. I was quite happy to find this remix cause he hasn’t been releasing tracks a lot lately. It’s good but simple with a solid melody.

It seems like Yuksek is liking those talkbox or vocoder (whatever) effects because he’s been using them on all his latest tracks. It’s always nice to have a nice talkbox melody to throw in the mix and this remix of Autokratz comes with tight drums and a nice electric bassline.

Ghettohouse!!! I’m not a fan of slow rap like this, but damn Chew Fu‘s beat is just awesome. Another good example of hip-hop nicely remixed into electro.