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As some of you already know, the Toronto based blog Salacious Sound organized this remix contest for Barletta‘s track “Panther“. I have been participating and you will see my submission (first in alphabetical order). I have listened to them all and I honestly think that my remix isn’t the best one. You be the judge.

HERE is the post on Salacious Sound and here’s my top3:

  1. Barletta – Panther (Golden Gloves’ SalaciousSound Remix)
  2. Barletta – Panther (ZEDS DEAD’s SalaciousSound Remix)
  3. Barletta – Panther (John Roman’s SalaciousSound Remix)

And here’s mine, but as I said it’s not the best one out there imo

Of course I am very excited about knowing who the winner will be and I’ll let you guys know for sure.


You haven’t got enough Barletta in your iTunes

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So here’s his latest

the kind of stuff I’d listen to all day long on loop.

Friday Morning Post

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I have this habbit of posting previews of my tracklist everytime I do a dj set. Tonight at the Underworld-Shop, we’re opening with a nice little set wich gets a little closer to hip-hop. No big bangers. See for yourself:

If you’re wondering what’s going on tonight at the Underworld, your answer is here (facebook).

5$, alcohol and shit, 18+ only

John Roman

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warp it down

Quite talented guy, this John Roman!

Look for his stuff through the Hype Machine here.

+ two tracks: an amazing mashup and a track of his remixed by Barletta.

New EP from Barletta

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Barletta‘s new EP, Panther, is out! but it’s not free.

Here’s the EP mix:

Barletta – Panther EP Mix

I’m buying the EP but I’m obviously not posting it here. Support the man, buy it too!

WARP – Remixes / Edits + Exclusive?

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The BBR + Steve Aoki @ SAT, Montréal. Photos by Alex Mof. Full Album Here (facebook)

bbr sataoki sat

It’s been a few weeks since Warp is out already and there’s been many remixes and edits. Some of them I liked, some of them I disliked. Of course you can see/download them all using the hype machine but here are the ones that caught my attention the most. All in 320kbps!

+ Remix from our super duper homie The Sonixx that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet, and this remix really is one of my favorites!

++ Second track of the Warp EP. It’s pretty nice mixed before and/or after the actual Warp 1.9 track.

+++ EDIT: Mof likes the Teen Wolf Remix but I don’t. You be the jude!

The Bloody Beetroots Myspace Page

Steve Aoki Myspace Page

Retour sur le Bal en Noir

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Du à une fin de semaine un peu trop remplie, je post aujourd’hui le résumé du fameux Bal en Noir qui avait lieu à l’Academy Club le 13 mars. Malgré le fait que le set de Dj Bleuet et Dj Waye étaient (selon moi) dope, le crowd n’était visiblement aucunement le notre, ce qui a gaché quelque peu la soirée mais bon! Néanmoins, les organisateurs de cet event ont fait un travail de fou et tout le monde leur en est reconnaissant. Merci beaucoup guys!

EDIT par Gaultier: Merci beaucoup à Raph, Aisha mais surtout à Shaun qui a réussi à ramener les habitués du 1234 et du Fuzzy de Laval (LOL). Merci à ceux qui sont venus nous écouter. Merci à Alex Mof pour les beaux petits clichés ^^.

Sur ce, voici quelque tracks que Waye et Bleuet on joué durant la soirée: