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And this is my FCKN first!

Posted in FCKN with tags , , on August 5, 2009 by Wild Side

Ladies and gentlemen, you may already know me by the name of She Kills, I played for the last WGB party at Underworld.

As in today, I will go by the name of Wild Side and join the team of WGB! I’m very please to be a part of this blog and will do my best to post you some amazing stuff about, of course music of all styles, but also about fashion and movies.

Enough said, my first post is on an AMAZING ex duo ( they are sadly not together anymore, but the remaining part will continue on its own thank god! ). He is call FCKN and he does some VIOLENT electro!!! He’s coming soon with an LP, but for now you can buy the EP “Class of Nukem” on Beatport.

Here’s an original of the ex crew:

FCKN Crew – Booh!

For more here’s the link of his myspace:

Enjoy and remember, violence is the answer!