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Embrace The Martian (Seiji Acid Remix)

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what up y'all ep


To Listen With A Shish Taouk

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This track is pretty amazing! Theres a little Arab sound to it that makes you just feel like your feet are in the sand! The beat is simple, but RYE RYE KILLS IT!!! Heres Soulico and Rye Rye with Exotic On The Speaker.

Soulico – Exotic On The Speaker (feat. Rye Rye)

“Boys Noize – Rozz Box” & more

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boys noize

For those who don’t know yet: Boys Noize’s new album, Power, will be out in October. Here are two tracks that have been recently released by label blogs.

This one is from Dim Mak. Bob Rifo on the remix (under his alias Bobermann)!

And this one is from BNR itself, probably a preview of Boys Noize‘s new album.

First Mustard Pimp release under Dim Mak!

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mustard pimp cherry

More will follow, but for now, Dim Mak, who signed Mustard Pimp back in July has just released this free mp3! Good ol’ MP as we know it!

Noob and Brodinski going nuts!!!

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peanuts club ep

Title = bad, bad, bad joke. Very bad. Anyways. Noob and Brodinski got togheter and produced this killer dutch beat called Peanuts Club and it was announced back in August (remember the dancing chimps video?). I later learned that they made a second track, very similar to Peanuts Club, called Cajou Club. Their EP is not out on Beatport! Came with a few remixes of Peanuts Club but the original mix is so much better. Those two tracks are such a delight!

Beat That Bird

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beat that bird

Kinda like Juke That Girl… but it’s a bird instead of a girl, and you beat it with a bat instead of juking it from the back. See? Minimalistic beat with dope lyrics all over it. Very few synths but anyway it’s really not about the synths in this track.

Justin Martin, Claude Vonstroke – Beat That Bird (Original Mix)

Steve Aoki – I’m In The House EP released!!

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Im in the house ep

Oh Yeshhhh! It is out and I bought it. Came with a bunch of remixes but the best one is by far the Gigi Barocco one. So there you go: Original Mix + Gigi Barocco remix, both in low bitrate (don’t wanna get in trouble, do I)