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Fresh Releases…

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Freshest baby in the world. I don’t know where it comes from but DAMN this baby’s all cool, hip and stuff…

Here’s a couple of tracks you should know about.

Chubby Fingers sent me their latest original, it’s very yummy.

Some people love them, some people hate them. I agree that Crookers aren’t as banging as they were before but I really do think they still got it. This track will do amazing mashups… once I get a 320kbps version of it.

I wouldn’t play that in my sets but damn it’s nice to just take a walk listenning to that (very official) remix by Justice. Makes me feel good… music is such a drug. Remember, Crookers remixed this one too 😛 Read about it here.

Some people wanted me to post my own remix on my own blog… I released it about two weeks ago and it’s been blogged by Danger! Danger! so I guess I will link to the actual post and you can download it there, 320kbps, of course. Warning: Dubstep lovers, you might hate this track (so far they sure do :P).

There are too many remixes of Lady GaGa… I usually don’t download these anymore unless when they’re from reliable producers who’ve already proved their skills to the blogosphere. This is why I downloaded and enjoyed this remix of Starstruck by Loose Cannons.


Money makin’, money money makin’

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Super disco disco breakin’! frenchies check this out:

So this is it… tomorrow will be a super duper awesome night @ The Academy Club with all the deejays and you people, who shall attend if you meet the age requirement (lolololol) and live in Montreal!

I’ve spent hours building a sweet tracklist for a 2h set. I tried to put a little more fidget and house to accomodate the ears that aren’t used to that sweet “overdrive noise neon lights party people can you feel it rave is king” sound. It’s a Dj’s job anyways: accomodating the audiance with what they like and show them the kind of stuff you like in a way that they’ll just love it! what a thrill huhuh.

It’s pretty obvious to us that tomorrow will be a busy busy day and we probably won’t post anything, so back to blogging on saturday!

woah… and there’s still much work to be done on March 20 @ Underworld-Shop! By the way, it’s gonna be a hell of a party too, even more than last month (based on alot of facts) so be there, bring your friends, family and pets!

If you plan on attending one of our sets, don’t be shy and say hi! we won’t bite you 🙂 and if we’re not tooo busy we’ll have a little conversation, there! XD

Here is a list of Wow Got Boring representatives (that’s what you call status, LOL) who will be there, kind of half-partying at our sets:

  • Damien Audy-Laplante
  • Thierry Lord
  • Yanic Desmarais
  • Gaultier Paré

Tracks you WILL hear if you attend tomorrow and/or March 20, all in 320kbps: