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Embrace The Martian (Seiji Acid Remix)

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what up y'all ep


Riverside, muffuga!

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Sidney Samson… never heard of him before (excuse my ignorance) and all it took for me to add him to my beatport favorites was this track. You have to download it right now.

++ super random but awesome bonus!

But I’m still I’m still an animal!

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If you ask me, the best remix of Miike Snow‘s “Animal” is Fake Blood‘s. But you be the judge, I think they’re all good in their respective styles or I wouldn’t be posting them.

Tell Me Why

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 En surfant sur le net tantot, je suis tombé sur le tout nouveau remix d’Aerotronic: un remix de “Tell Me Why” de Supermode. J’aime bien la facon dont il a fait revivre la track avec une bonne vibe electro. 

Supermode – Tell Me Why (Aerotronic Remix Edit)

Crookers – Knobbers (Aerotronic Remix)

Aerotronic – Exit paradise (Bsbtrgdclub Rmx

et je vous offres aussi un Dj Set qu’ils ont faite avec leur Production et Remixes :

Aerotronic – Productions & Remixes DJ-Set

Fresh Releases…

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Freshest baby in the world. I don’t know where it comes from but DAMN this baby’s all cool, hip and stuff…

Here’s a couple of tracks you should know about.

Chubby Fingers sent me their latest original, it’s very yummy.

Some people love them, some people hate them. I agree that Crookers aren’t as banging as they were before but I really do think they still got it. This track will do amazing mashups… once I get a 320kbps version of it.

I wouldn’t play that in my sets but damn it’s nice to just take a walk listenning to that (very official) remix by Justice. Makes me feel good… music is such a drug. Remember, Crookers remixed this one too 😛 Read about it here.

Some people wanted me to post my own remix on my own blog… I released it about two weeks ago and it’s been blogged by Danger! Danger! so I guess I will link to the actual post and you can download it there, 320kbps, of course. Warning: Dubstep lovers, you might hate this track (so far they sure do :P).

There are too many remixes of Lady GaGa… I usually don’t download these anymore unless when they’re from reliable producers who’ve already proved their skills to the blogosphere. This is why I downloaded and enjoyed this remix of Starstruck by Loose Cannons.

We ♥ UW

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L’équipe WGB a eu une renconte vendredi dernier avec Mathieu Guilbault (proprio de la salle Underworld) pour faire quelque mises au point et booker une date pour notre prochain événement à la salle Underworld. Donc je vous confirme maintenant que le prochain show WBG aura lieu le 17 Avril 2009 @ Underworld. Il y aura une quantité LIMITÉE de billets (160) à 8$. Sinon , le coût sera de 10$ à la porte. Pour plus d’informations, allez visiter la page facebook ICI.

Je vous laisse sur la très populaire originale de Busy P, suivi du très populaire remix de Crookers.

Crookers ♥ U2 // Bleuet ♥ The Prodigy

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Stoneyroads just uploaded this 320kbps version of the remix Crookers did of U2. Seriously, I’m completely stoked. U2 is the music my parents used to play in the car when I was a kid (and of course I’m not the only one). Thank you Crookers for being so awesome… and thanks to Stoneyroads, too!

Tonight I shall try and do something with all this footage from Friday 13th @ Underworld-Shop. But this time there will be no montage audio added, only the actual stuff that was playing. You’ll see the videos uploaded on youtube, facebook and on this very blog very soon.

And to finish, a little self-promoting (I’m sorry! =D). My latest track, a remix of The Prodigy. This remix is totally worth a listen, maybe a download. The new album of The Prodigy, “Invaders Must Die” is TOTALLY worth a /buy. Check it out soon on Beatport and in the iTunes Store or maybe a local record store for old schoolerz.