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UW x CIRCA shoes release party in Montreal!!

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uw circa shoes flyer

… and we’re the guests! haha.

The shoes are amazing, I’ve had my pair for a few days now and I love them!

  • June 5
  • 10pm to 3 am
  • 18+
  • Alcohol and stuff
  • NOT hosted by WGB, we just do the opening set 😛

EVENT HERE (facebook)

We all love the Underworld-Shop!

Lucifer Party

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lucifer notorious smalls

Notorious Smalls, who will be playing at the Bain Mathieu with us May 15th (event here), is also gonna be spinning at the Jupiter for the next 3 Saturdays, starting from May 9th. It’s most definitly gonna be an awesome place to have good time electro-style when it’s Saturday… cause we all know there usually ain’t that many electro parties going on on Saturdays. Enjoy!

RSVP HERE (facebook)

EDIT: Marco Henriques (I think his dj name is still “La Petite Portugaise“) will be opening!

only $5!

Pika Pikachuuu!

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pikachu sextape

Awesomenessss! We (Djs Bleuet & Waye) get to play @ the Pikachu Sextape Friday! This is gonna be awesome!

It’s free before 12:30 if you say that you’re attending, so RSVP HERE (facebook).


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Woah, what a nice bunch of guests we have here! Two Man Army, The Sonixx, Notorious Smalls! This is gonna be awesome, people.

16+, bar with alcohol for the 18+

We encourage you to come wearing bikini tops (girls only… please) and swimming suits (we’ll be dressed like that!) but you don’t have to!

RSVP HERE on facebook!

Sick shoooessss

Posted in flyer, underworld shop with tags , , , , on April 29, 2009 by Gaultier Paré

shoe release party

uw-circa shoes

Howdy ho!

Our sponsor, the Underworld-Shop, is about to release a new Underworld shoe model in collaboration with Circa. We’re really stoked, the shoes are sick.

Apparently it’s gonna be a limited sale, only 200 pairs.

Whatever, I’ll definitly grab a pair of these a soon as possible.


La renaissance

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lemothership renaissance

I’ve been waiting for this!


As told in the facebook event description: Stay tuned, read to find out about the new 2.0 blogger team!


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Woah, progression très rapide pour notre ami et favoris du blog, The Sonixx. Vous allez pouvoir le voir faire un Dj Set (pas un live set comme au Underworld) au 2ième étage du Saphir, reconnu pour ses jeudis assez chargés côté électro/fidget.

Surveillez le blog des Knightriders, Rooftop Fistfights pour un post contenant plusieurs tracks déjà connues par The Sonixx + une exclusivité!

Je vais très probablement y être (mais je ne me couche pas trop tard j’ai une grosse journée à organiser le lendemain vous le savez) avec des potes 🙂