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MSTRKRFT Fist of God tracks remixes

Posted in jfk, MSTRKRFT, Screendeath with tags , , , , , , , , on April 20, 2009 by Gaultier Paré

Yanic and I are sick… ever since the Underworld Show last friday I’ve had this stupid fever and apparently Yanic has it too. Now since I can’t go to work in that state I guess I’ll just stay home and blog, lol.

Something I don’t like about the MSTRKRFT album is that somehow the synths aren’t properly compressed or something because we can’t hear the lyrics very well (I just realised I hear them well on my crappy laptop speakers, how mystifying). So I think the instrumentals are better. Check out this remix by Screendeath, I think it’s much better than the original.

MSTRKRFT – Click Click (Screendeath Remix)


MSTRKRFT – It Ain’t Love (Bird Peterson Remix JFK Edit)