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St-Jean’s “not so québécois” post ft. LA ROUX

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Interesting! Little monsters dancing with La Roux XD funneh.

iamxl has been sending me his stuff for a while ever since I posted his remix of Warp. Here’s his remix of Bulletproof ^^

Now if you’re looking for a nice place to go in Montreal for the St-Jean, I suggest you go there, it seems like the best option to me.

Bonne St-Jean!


WARP – Remixes / Edits + Exclusive?

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The BBR + Steve Aoki @ SAT, Montréal. Photos by Alex Mof. Full Album Here (facebook)

bbr sataoki sat

It’s been a few weeks since Warp is out already and there’s been many remixes and edits. Some of them I liked, some of them I disliked. Of course you can see/download them all using the hype machine but here are the ones that caught my attention the most. All in 320kbps!

+ Remix from our super duper homie The Sonixx that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet, and this remix really is one of my favorites!

++ Second track of the Warp EP. It’s pretty nice mixed before and/or after the actual Warp 1.9 track.

+++ EDIT: Mof likes the Teen Wolf Remix but I don’t. You be the jude!

The Bloody Beetroots Myspace Page

Steve Aoki Myspace Page