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Everytime I look into your eyes I see the future!

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wesc-the-bloody-beetroots-headphonesOkay, now that I have expensive flashy WESC headphones I feel so cooler. I mean… all high profile electro Djs wear fuckin’ WESC headphones… and I know they’re probably paid to wear them but they look great anyways. Yes, you got that right: I didn’t buy them for the quality of the sound but for the looks. But I’m not saying they’re crap… they do a really good job though I don’t think they have that much grip on my head… I can shake ’em off very easily and NO my head isn’t too small… my head size for new era hats is 8 and it fits perfectly.

To me, WESC headphones are to a Dj what a crown is to a king.
(I want this quote on their website or something, hahaha)

*french mode*  Ce soir à Montréal c’est la nuit blanche. Bon je ne vous explique pas c’est quoi parce que vous la savez tous déjà, bien sur! J’en profite simplement pour plugger un bon event électro:

FUR & LUXURY @ Le Social, 1445 Bishop (coin maisonneuve) (clickez le lien pour RSVP tardif via facebook // plus d’infos)

Mad Kids, Two Man Army and Dj Mickell vont jouer pour vos oreilles ébahies (si ça se peut).

Bonne nuit 🙂

MP3‘s that will fill your belly and your brainzz.

Tiga – Mind Dimension (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

The Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (Blood Shake Remix)


Crookers ♥ U2 // Bleuet ♥ The Prodigy

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Stoneyroads just uploaded this 320kbps version of the remix Crookers did of U2. Seriously, I’m completely stoked. U2 is the music my parents used to play in the car when I was a kid (and of course I’m not the only one). Thank you Crookers for being so awesome… and thanks to Stoneyroads, too!

Tonight I shall try and do something with all this footage from Friday 13th @ Underworld-Shop. But this time there will be no montage audio added, only the actual stuff that was playing. You’ll see the videos uploaded on youtube, facebook and on this very blog very soon.

And to finish, a little self-promoting (I’m sorry! =D). My latest track, a remix of The Prodigy. This remix is totally worth a listen, maybe a download. The new album of The Prodigy, “Invaders Must Die” is TOTALLY worth a /buy. Check it out soon on Beatport and in the iTunes Store or maybe a local record store for old schoolerz.

Sex, Drugs And Electro

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sonixxxThe Sonixx devient de plus en plus productif, il va falloir que quelqu’un l’arrête avant qu’il ne devienne une star (je crois que c’est bien se qu’il veut d’ailleurs). Hier il nous a envoyé deux nouvelle tracks dont un remix officel de Red Lipstick Girl par Trasher.

Deejay Lynx – The Next Level Mix

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Deejay Lynx a été dans le domaine du Hip-Hop pendant plus de 15 ans. Maintenant, il a decidé de se tourner vers l’électro car, comme il le dit, il vit sa vie à 128bpm. Il travaille présentement sur quelque tracks avec Mario Estrada, formant le duo “Électrobrotherz“. Tout dernièrement, il m’a fait parvenir son tout dernier mix de 80 minutes séparé en 6 block.

Voici le lien :   The Next Level Mix

EDIT par Gaultier Paré: “Exclusivité Wow Got Boring, yo.”

Tracklist :

  1. Dj Cowboy – Sweet Party Break (Deejay Lynx Club Edit)
  2. mats – World Of Sound (Main Mix)
  3. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nik Blaze And Dj Perov Remix)
  4. + (WZRDz remix) [Deejay Lynx Club Re-Fix]
  5. G And G – Personal Jesus (ph elektro mix) [Deejay Lynx Club Edit]
  6. Dj Gollum ft. Scarlet – All The Things She Said (dave ramone remix)
  7. Topmodelz – Maniac (dave ramone remix)
  8. DJ Louis Louis ft Kool and The Gang – Celebration 2008 (The Unexpected Electro Mix)[quick edit]
  9. A-Trak – Say Whoa (Big Nasty Remix)
  10. Ido Shoam feat. Elad Gavriel – Ready Or Not
  11. + (Fugees vs Gartner Bootleg) [Deejay Lynx Club Re-Fix]
  12. 50 Cent – Disco Inferno (DJ ZAM Remix)
  13. MIA – Paper Planes (Schenks Fidget Boot) [Deejay Lynx Reconstructed Mix ft Kardinal Offishall]
  14. Diplo – Wassup wassup ft. Rye Rye (crookers  remix) [Deejay Lynx Club Edit]
  15. Akon – Right Now (ClubDJTeam Electro-House Remix)
  16. Britney Spears – Circus (Mysto & Pizzi Electro Mix)
  17. Private – Secret Lover (Electromasterz Remix)
  18. + (Spencer & Hill Remix) [Deejay Lynx Loverz Re-Fix]
  19. Tittsworth – WTF (Nadastrom Remix Stretch Armstrong Edit)
  20. Crookers – My Penny [Quick Edit]
  21. Kanye West Vs Heavyfeet – Good Life Rmx [Quick Edit]
  22. Human Ressource –  Dominator  Herve Remix
  23. Lazy Rich feat. JBMerat – Shut The Fuck Up And Dance (DJ Nicky Rich Booty Mix)
  24. Fanateck feat Cixie – When The Day Comes Up (Sebastien Benett Remix) [Deejay Lynx Club Edit]

BAL EN NOIR @ Academy Club

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BAL EN NOIR @ Academy Club Flyer


Bone’s Productions est fier de vous présenter:

.::. BAL EN NOIR FRIDAY 13TH .::. le vendredi 13 mars prochain @ Academy Club!!!

Habillez vous tout de noir pour célébrer le vendredi 13, et venez foutre le PARTY au plus gros évènement à Montréal!
5 Djs pour le plaisir de vos tympans:
Dj Bleuet et Dj Waye (Electro Crew)
► Dj St3vie T (House)
► Dj Underground (HipHop)
► Dj Zoo (HipHop/Club)


8$ EN AVANCE (No Line Up)¸

Raphael (514)946-9514
Shaun (514)929-7259
Aïsha (514)969-6181


What’s Up + tracks ‘n’ stuff

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Chez Balleux 17 juillet

Buon Journo (do I type it right?)

I had no idea of what picture to add to the post because I’m still waiting for Thierry Lord, proud collaborator of wowgotboring, to upload his amazing/stunning/breathtaking art in our media library. Hurry up, Terry.

SooooOoOo this is a picture of what our life looked like last summer. Pretty cool, huh!? (salutation à tous ceux qui travaillaient pour CQ à Laronde été 2008, lol)

I wanna start posting in english cause I feel like i’m the only possible candidate for the job… except maybe Damien, lol.

Now Waye and I are trying to get booked at a few places at the moment, none are official (except one) yet but some will in due time.

So what’s official? The following:

  1. Barrack Obama being awesome (I mean… yeah it’s pretty official, right?)
  2. Our next dj set @ Underworld-Shop will be Friday March 20. More infos + flyer coming soon.
  3. I’m selling my Wow account, blo0berry[at]hotmail[dot]com (it really did get boring!)

FREE MP3 YAYUH: Two of my latest discoveries (even though they’ve been around for a while now), this goes straight down to your iPod/iPhone/Walkman for old schoolerz y’all.

The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (AC Slater Remix)

Cazals – Poor Innocent Boys (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

PS: Speaking of iPhone. I’ve been given a new one, lucky me. Thanks to my super secret and anonymous contact!

Who Is The Sonixx

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The SonixxVous avez jamais entendu parler de lui ?

Avec son EP Love/Hate qui sort bientôt, je vous garanti que vous allez en entendre parler. Producer/remixer de la scène Électro de Montréal, il est question que The Sonixx fasse éventuellement partie de nos soirées à venir. C’est à suivre.

En attendant tout ceci je vous propose quelques-unes de ses productions / remixes: