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Everytime I look into your eyes I see the future!

Posted in Blogging, Blood Shake, the bloody beetroots, The Chemical Brothers, tiga with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on February 28, 2009 by Gaultier Paré

wesc-the-bloody-beetroots-headphonesOkay, now that I have expensive flashy WESC headphones I feel so cooler. I mean… all high profile electro Djs wear fuckin’ WESC headphones… and I know they’re probably paid to wear them but they look great anyways. Yes, you got that right: I didn’t buy them for the quality of the sound but for the looks. But I’m not saying they’re crap… they do a really good job though I don’t think they have that much grip on my head… I can shake ’em off very easily and NO my head isn’t too small… my head size for new era hats is 8 and it fits perfectly.

To me, WESC headphones are to a Dj what a crown is to a king.
(I want this quote on their website or something, hahaha)

*french mode*  Ce soir à Montréal c’est la nuit blanche. Bon je ne vous explique pas c’est quoi parce que vous la savez tous déjà, bien sur! J’en profite simplement pour plugger un bon event électro:

FUR & LUXURY @ Le Social, 1445 Bishop (coin maisonneuve) (clickez le lien pour RSVP tardif via facebook // plus d’infos)

Mad Kids, Two Man Army and Dj Mickell vont jouer pour vos oreilles ébahies (si ça se peut).

Bonne nuit 🙂

MP3‘s that will fill your belly and your brainzz.

Tiga – Mind Dimension (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

The Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (Blood Shake Remix)